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Glow in the Dark Glass Pipes

Glow in the Dark Glass Pipes

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Beautiful glow in the dark glass pipes made from high quality borosilicate glass.
This pipes is actually looking white but after light’s effects it glow in the darkk.

Some pipes you can see on the picture may glow in blue color and some in green.

Beautiful gift idea for your friend and family.

Each pipe may vary in color and size from one pictured because each pipe hand blown .

Two Sizes:

- Small 2.5’’ - 3’’ inches

- Large 3.5’’ - 4’’ inches 

- One Pipe per order.

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Customer Reviews

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Park Jessica
Gorgeous and well-made pipes!

The pipes are extremely well-made, but I did ask if I could get two blue glow pipes if they could (they confirmed yes), but there is still one green and one blue that I received instead. No worries though! They are both wonderful quality pieces.

Hi there! We appreciate your feedback!
Yes we had a note here about color request but unfortunately two same colors wasn't available