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Recycler Dab Rig Glass Bong Water Pipe

Recycler Dab Rig Glass Bong Water Pipe

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Recycler glass bong is made from high-quality glass, it's about  10" in height. 

For your convenience this water pipe comes with two slides ( Quartz banger and Glass Bowl )

What is a Recycler Rig?

There are an array of different styles of dab rigs currently on the market. So many, that it can be dizzying to a first-timer. There are recycler dab rigs which filter the smoke repeatedly for cleaner, cooler hits, there are e-rigs which are fully electronic, and so on. Further, there are different kinds of percolator styles that each filter the smoke in their own unique way!

Unique twisted design for better smoking experience. 

 - 10” Beaker 

 - 14 mm Male Slide  

  Manufacturing by Topoo. 

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Norman Stephan
Dab ring donut rig

Easy to hold gives great hits more on the smaller end Super Fast Five Star service from unique smoke shop Brooklyn New York

Thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback!☺️